Five Day Advanced Business Intelligence Workshop

Business Intelligence is the new driver for growth for corporates. Most businesses use data analytics and business intelligence to make business decisions. While Business Intelligence has been in the industry for many years, recent changes in economy have forced large corporates to adopt Business Intelligence.

It is important for the students and educationists to understand the value of Business Intelligence. Corporations have created departments to manage their data and analyze it to give senior management a tool to make business decisions.

This has opened up new jobs and opportunities for management graduates to understand BI tools and coupled with their business training can be a valuable to asset to any organization. A simple search on for “Business Intelligence” springs up more than 30000 jobs! A training on Business Intelligence helps management students not only upgrade their skills but open up to a new avenue for jobs.

Centum Software offers a 5 day advanced workshop on Business Intelligence. This workshop is an advanced version of our 1 day beginner’s workshop. This has hands-on sessions for students to practice. We will cover the hands-on sessions using Microsoft SQL Server. At the end of every day, there is a one hour quiz that is mandatory. Based on the scores in the quiz, we will award the certificates.

This workshop will cover the following agenda:

Registration (Day 1)

8:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Day 1: Overview of Basic Fundamentals-          Introduction to Business Intelligence-          Introduction to Business Warehouse-          Introduction to Data Extraction, Transform and Load-          Introduction to Data Visualization-          Online Quiz (1 hour 100 marks, 10%)

9AM to 5 PM

Day 2: Business Warehouse-          Dimensional Models-          Facts, Dimensions, Measures-          Planning a Business Warehouse-          OLAP-          Hands On Session-          Online Quiz (1 hour 100 marks, 25%)

9AM to 5 PM

Day 3: Managing Data-          Introduction to Data Management-          Extracting Data-          Data Transformation-          Data Loading-          Hands on Session-          Online Quiz (1 hour 100 marks, 25%)

9 AM to 5 PM

Day 4: Data Visualization-          Building Reports-          Graphical Widgets-          Dashboards-          Key Performance Indicators-          Hands on Session-          Online Quiz (1 hour 100 marks, 20%)

9 AM to 5 PM

Day 5: Advanced Data Visualization-          Data Discovery-          Correlation-          Forecasting-          Hands on Session-          Online Quiz and Survey (1 hour 100 marks, 20%)

9 AM to 5 PM

At the end of the five day workshop, the candidates will be able to explain the following concepts:

-          What is a Business Warehouse and how it can be used to help Senior Management take Business Decisions

-          Why should a company have a Business Warehouse

-          How is Data Managed

-          What is the best tool to address a business problem that requires data analysis

-          How do I plan my business warehouse



What do you gain by attending this workshop

  • Have an edge over others in terms of skills. The companies in the campus interview look for students who have to offer something extra than the regular curriculum knowledge
  • Be industry ready from day one. The company that hires you will know that you already have the knowledge to start from day one.
  • Learn from Experts
  • Centum Software will provide a participation certificate. To earn this certificate, you have to secure minimum 75% marks in individual quiz and overall more than 80% in the course. Those who will be awarded the certificates will be mentioned on our website. We enforce stringent testing to ensure that the students who have actually gained knowledge are certified. Your certificate is given to you in printed copy as well as a soft copy to put in your resume.


Workshop Fee: ₹ 7500 (inclusive of Service Tax) [ Seven Thousand Five Hundred Only]

Subject to a minimum of 30 participants for the workshop



Contact Details:

Centum Software Private Limited,
G-664, Plot No GH04,
Sector 119, Noida. Uttar Pradesh. 201304

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