Open Source LAMP based Cloud and Mobility Solutions

Centum Software builds websites that people enjoy using because the functionality is straightforward, the aesthetics are appealing, and the design is built on a thorough understanding of user needs, current trends, and technology.

Centum Software builds user-centered online experiences by:
  • identifying and meeting differing user needs;
  • providing professional, appealing, and usable interfaces;
  • creating intuitive, elegant, and expandable information architecture and navigation;
  • delivering substantive content and functionality which can change and grow;
  • maximizing site accessibility for users with disabilities and older technology; and
  • ensuring the maintainability of a site through correct choice of technology, simplicity of organization, and appropriate documentation and training.

Centum Software is an open source technology services provider working extensively in LAMP(PHP & MySQL)

LAMP, comprises of following set of tools: My SQL handling data storage, PHP handling business sense of the Requirement, Apache (the web server)/Nginx responsible for transporting the content and Linux providing robust Server environment.

Why to opt for LAMP:

  1. Lowers the total cost of Ownership as all sets of tools in LAMP are open source.
  2. Since it comprises of component set of tools which are open source, it gives the leverage of making changes at a faster pace.
  3. Easy usability, reliability and flexibility make it the best environment to operate.
  4. In comparison to commercial software, there is no fear of vendor lock-in.
  5. It is not like this that coding done is open for everyone. By buying license fee, it can be ensured that source code is not available for everyone.

Most of the time for a dynamic website, we advise you to opt for PHP with MySQL if it meets the scope of the requirement on a whole. It caters to requirements ranging from information website, eCommerce sites, job portals, real estate websites, social networking sites, online food ordering system, event sites and many more diverse domains.

We work extensively in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla,  Magento, OSCommerce, CakePHP, jQuery, REST/JSON and many more.

These cloud based applications, SaaS(Software as a Service) are stored on the LAMP stack based server, and can be accessed from any part of the world, by using a computer, smart phone, etc. Cloud computing allows the applications to up and run faster with improved manageability and low maintenance cost. This flexibility helps to meet the fluctuating and unpredictable business demands.

Our cloud management skills include Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Linode etc.