Case Study: Embedded Technology Firm in India

Company Profile
Company is a high end embedded technology firm in India with more than 50 employees and 30-40 ongoing projects. The company focuses on Chip Design, VLSI Engineering and Robotics. In addition, the company also runs educational programs on embedded technologies with various leading educational institutions in India.

Business Issues
While the company adopted a Project Management solution to manage the various projects, there was a need identified to have a single view of the running projects. It used to take 1 week to create a consolidated report on various running projects. There was also no reporting on project costs, revenues, billing.

Our Solution
Centum Software’s team of BI consultants engaged with the customer’s project managers and senior management in understanding the gaps in reporting. The team was led by a Senior Project Manager with more than 15 years of experience in designing data warehouses and BI solutions. The team identified four key requirements:

  • Single dashboard on various projects with drill down capabilities on various dimensions
  • Single Dashboard on various educational programs
  • 10 Reports on Project cost, billing, revenues etc

In consultation with the Senior Management, the team identified Microsoft Business Intelligence as the preferred solution for addressing the requirements.

The team created two datamarts – one for Projects and the other for Programs. Information such as Project tasks, baselines, revenue, cost, billing etc was sourced from Project Management solution as well as Excel sheets.

The team built two dashboards for each of the individual areas

  • Executive Project Management Dashboard with drill down to tasks, billing, costs
  • Educational Program Management Dashboard with details on current programs, top programs based on candidate feedback etc.

The team also developed 10 management reports based on the Projects data mart.

The entire project was delivered in three months from inception to final hand-off to the management. Our team of BI consultants also supports the current implementation, resolving issues and adding enhancements.

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Key Benefits
  • Single view of all the current and past projects enabled the management to take corrective action.
  • Revenue and Cost projects by project enabled the management to take decisions on costs
  • Tracking of programs resulted in the management changing the portfolio of programs based on candidate feedback. This resulted in increased sign-up for the programs and elimination of programs
Customer Speak

“Centum Software team helped us manage out projects better and enabled us to track costs and billing. It also provided a solution that provided a single view of all our projects. We also trimmed down our program offerings and added more relevant programs. Thank you.”

Director, Projects and Programs